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Anandita Special is a renowned Tour planner from Kolkata.We have 25 years of experience in tour & travel industry.We have many kind of tour packages all over India.We provide package tour,car booking,also hotel booking all over India.We have well decorated office located at Kolkata.We make every effort to provide you with the best service in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.We strive for a complete satisfaction to provide a safe and secure journey without any misunderstanding between our tour manager,staff and company.

Before you plan your next vacation,just let us know your choiceable destination,we would provide you with the best tour with competitive quotations. Remember,travel with us is always fun and entertaining.

We would like to thank our customers for their extra ordinary support given to us for the past many years.We are thankful to everyone for staying beside us.Hope we serve you better support in upcoming years


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide outstanding quality services, safest and the best value trips, so that we make every customer in every trip smile & to be the premier provider of targeted specialized tour products and related services to each & everyone.


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Anandita Special Services is a tour and travel management company providing customized and flexible tour packages all over India.We understand that each tourist is different from the other not only in attributes but also in expectation and motive


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About Us

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